Coupon Organizer Search

I have been online off and on looking at different types of coupon organizers. So far I have found these:
  • Coupon Geek shares her method of using a very stylish coupon organizer¬†. I really like how pretty it is and how easy to carry but I am afraid that I am very visual and if I don’t see the coupon I will never use it.
  • The Frugal Find has an awesome video about her coupon binder.¬†Pretty much what I had.
  • The Coupon Diva also has a fun to watch video about her awesome coupon binder. This is the video I first watched to set up my original coupon binder so it was nice to see a refresher.
  • The Coupon Mom is my ORIGINAL coupon site where I learned how to coupon and she has her very own coupon binder. It seems small not like a full size binder.
  • Finally I found the Coupon Box. Here is a method I haven’t really tried. It’s similar to the coupon organizer Coupon Geek uses but she uses a small box. She has a creative way of labeling and organizing her coupons. It does seem like alot of work though!
Lots to think about……
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