ABCs of Couponing: Be Organized

This is part two of three in the ABCs of Couponing series.  Today I want to share how I and others organize coupons, the “B” in ABCs of Couponing:

Be Organized

No matter how many coupons you acquire if you don’t have a good system of organization they will be buried and forgotten. I have forgotten about really good coupons even with being organized. Since my goal is to be a SMART shopper, I have to be an organized shopper.

I already posted in My Coupon Organizer Search different ways other people organize their coupons. Here is a quick recap:

  • You might want to use a  coupon organizer  like Coupon Geek. I really like how pretty it is and how easy to carry but I am afraid that I am very visual and if I don’t see the coupon I will never use it.
  • Another choice is the coupon binder which you can look at here  or here. The Coupon Mom is my ORIGINAL coupon site where I learned how to coupon and she has her very own coupon binder.
  •  Finally I found the Coupon Box. Here is a method I haven’t really tried. It’s similar to the coupon organizer Coupon Geek uses but she uses a small box. She has a creative way of labeling and organizing her coupons. It does seem like alot of work though!

The above examples are organizational tools for storing your coupons. I want to share how I organize my coupons in my binder:

  • I file my inserts by  date and kind (Smart Source with Smart Source etc) in the side accordion pocket of my binder. I do clip the coupons from each insert that I will definitely use but I leave everything else as is.
  • I file my coupons in alphabetical order in baseball card sleeves and photo sleeves.
  1. I now keep my weekly shopping list, store ads, and an envelope for each store in a new removeable accordion file.
There is really nice tutorial on The Coupon Moms website. She walks you through how to organize your coupons depending on your level of commitment.

On Sundays I look through my ads, cut coupons, file coupons and plan my trips. I will write more about that in the C of couponing which is “Create a Plan”.


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