Back to School Sales 2014

I just found really cool blog, Passion for Savings, with all the updated Back to School Sales for 2014. She has all my favorite stores: Target, Walgreens, CVS and Office Depot.

She also has a wonderful back to school supplies price list that I am definitely using.

Hope it helps!


Minecraft Party Cake

I love making cakes. A while back I shared my gumball cake which was fun to make.

This year, I was challenged to create Minecraft cakes. Thanks to Pinterest I had a lot of ideas to work with. Here is what I ended up creating:


This top one is Steve. I used a small pin to create this cake. I used the Michael’s cake gels: peachy, brown, violet and copper. The hair and mouth is regular chocolate frosting.

IMG_2980This one is a Creeper. I used the green cake gel and black fondant.

One of the things I did for Steve’s face is to cover it with a thin first layer of frosting and then freeze it. This helps to keep crumbs off. I also did one “color” at a time and stuck it in the freezer for a good half hour. Then put on the next layer.

I had never worked with fondant so this was a first. It was pretty easy to roll and cut. By the way, if you are making a gluten free cake Fondant is NOT gluten free. Found that out after the fact. Luckily Steve was all 100% gluten free.

Another thing I did this year was I bought the large white frosting at Michaels. It made it so easy to create the different colors. I had a lot left over. It beat trying to mix colors in the small Betty Crocker containers.


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