How to Make a Mini Office

This is a quick how-to on making a mini office:


These are two regular size file folders that I trimmed. I cut off the tops and then glued them together in the middle.


Then I tried to plan where the pieces I am using would go. Refer to My post on Mini Offices for links to wonderful resources.


As I moved things around, I ended up creating this Language Arts Mini Office for my son.

Here is an example of a 1 folder mini office

I made this one for a Writing Co-op Class I’m teaching. This is a Writing Mini-Office.IMG_3060

Mini Offices-What are they?

I want to share about a wonderful tool that I found out about a while ago, but I am just getting around to using it. I wish I had done this years ago with my son who has dyslexia and dysgraphia. It’s called a Mini Office.

What is a  mini office?


Here is what Busy Teacher’s Cafe says:

Mini-offices are tools that contain information for students to use for writing, math or other subjects. 

In our case we have two mini offices: I’ve created a Language Arts Mini Office and together we are building a Math Mini office as we encounter new concepts.  My son has a hard time remembering what certain things are called. For example: Nouns. He can’t remember if I say: what is a noun? But if I remind him, he can find all the nouns correctly. So we have an ongoing battle with “why can’t you remember?”. So instead of saying that I will say “Look at our office”.

Here are the resources I found:

Busy Teacher’s Cafe

Teaching Heart

Homeschool Creations

Abcteach-some are free, but you do need a subscription for some of them.

Teacherspayteachers- I got some really cool free stuff, but some of these are paid. You need to search for mini-office and specifically what you are are wanting. I searched Upper Grade Mini Offices.

Here are some freebies on Teachers Pay Teachers:

Math Reference Page

Elementary Math Chart Packet

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